JULY 30-AUG. 9, 2019
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"I definitely felt like I got my money’s worth. In fact, Escape is one of the most cost-effective/ value-for-the-buck festivals I’ve attended. Considering that I’m sort of a harp workshop junkie, that’s saying a lot!"--2015 attendee

"I think this was probably one of the best workshops I have ever attended and will definitely be back next year." --from a 2011 attendee

"Another experience in Heaven with the Escape. I appreciate all that you and the teachers do to keep this going."--from a 2010 attendee

“...it was a wonderful weekend in every way- I loved the people, the teachers, and the learning experience. Thanks for all your efforts. Having the CD to listen to the songs was a great idea. It helped me learn them much more quickly.”--from a 2003 attendee.


“This was the first I ever played this type of music, first time doing a weekend thing, first time all around. I think I am hooked! You are fabulous.”
--exactly what we like to hear. This feedback from a 2002 participant.


“My favorite workshop was Saturday night when everybody played what they learned and played together. It was inspiring and it boosted my confidence,”

--said one 2002 participant
The Harpers' Escape is produced by You Gotta Have Harp Productions, 11 Country Lane, Voorhees, NJ 08043. Phone: 856-795-7637.

Photo Gallery  

The 2016 Final Escape in the U.S.

The University Inn & Conference Center is a great location. Wonderful people and a good time  

2015 Escape Pix

harp view

harriet & mary mayharp circle


You'll be playing all weekend!  

2014 Escape Pix

beginner groupLucy & Maeve


sunday concert




recent photos




Sharon in 2007 demonstrates the electro harp.

Debbie takes a break.

Their first Escape together in 2007: Billy & Grainne played the Saturday night concert.

Carol practices a tune.

Grainne teaching an advanced workshop in 2007.

Katie did a lot of smiling all weekend.

Cathy, Eileen, Lucy, Meg and Tracy during the Use It or Lose It Session.

Debbie leads the singing.

Billy leads during the Use It or Lose It.





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