March 11-19, 2024
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Come on our Harp Tour of Ireland in March 2024!




  We had the final Escape weekend in the US in 2016. Our 26th Escape began the Harp Tour of Ireland series. We've now confirmed the fourth, which had to be postponed due to the pandemic. The next tour is set for March 11-19, 2024. We're in Ireland for St. Patrick's Day!  

A Few Words From
Past Attendees:

“Words cannot express how much I enjoyed Harpers' Escape 2012. Thank you for all you, Debbie, Gráinne, and Billy did to make it such a happy and rewarding time. The participants were warm and welcoming, the conversation was interesting, the meals, delicious, the sleeping quarters, peaceful and quiet, the concert, so much fun, and the teaching, really excellent. Billy Jackson was a wonderful teacher and I marveled at his patience with us. In a few short hours we learned the tunes and I can play the tune, Blue Ribbon, (both hands) -- amazing!! It sings in my mind day in and day out.” --from Laurie after the 2012 Escape.

“I want to thank you and your teaching team for a wonderful learning experience this past weekend. I thought everything was first rate - the teaching, the fellowship with the other harpists, and the venue (also the food was great). I don't think you could improve upon a thing! I learned so much and am delightfully surprised to find out that I can learn to play a song by ear!!! This has opened up a new world of harp practice for me.”says June in 2011 

“It was the first time I actually was taught a tune, phrase by phrase, by ear, with ornaments, and it was exhilarating. I was learning a tune the way I wanted to play it.”

“When can i sign up for next year? I really don't have the words to express how much fun I had. I love learning new things and meeting new friends.”

“Your articulate and precise way of teaching was so enjoyable. You made me feel so at ease and that I could DO IT! I can learn to play this wonderful loving instrument, and I did! In the future I will look back on that weekend with much joy and know I got my start from the best.”

“You all were able to handle a large group of harpers very professionally. Between Kathy's command of 'play damn it!' and Deb's sage advice of 'just don't barf!' confidence was instilled in all...”

The Harpers Escape is produced by You Gotta Have Harp Productions, 11 Country Lane, Voorhees, NJ 08043. Phone: 856-795-7637.

St. Patrick's Day in Ireland!
March 11-19, 2024


2014 group
our 2016 group had a great time at the last escape!.
Many Came on the the Ireland Tour in 2017.

The Final Escape Sunday Concert in the News!

Local EBTV Sunday concert coverage in 2014


Why You Came:

We had a teaching staff of 4 very experienced teachers/performers and we invited players of all levels to join us for this exhilarating harp retreat. We encouraged the novice player and those “shy players” who were looking for an intimate, congenial setting for sharing harp music. It was a total harp immersion weekend.

Our motto: “Harp till you drop!”

Debbie Brewin-Wilson and Kathy DeAngelo got the inspiration to start the Harpers Escape Weekend one day back in 1992. While rehearsing for a performance, the interruptions of children, ringing phones and the demanding buzz of a dryer kept diverting their attention. Sound familiar? The notion of a weekend-long retreat to “get away from it all” with our harps struck us. It occurred to us that if we were longing to get away, others would probably want to do the same thing. Wouldn't it be great to focus an entire weekend on playing harp? That idea struck a “chord” (pun intended) with many of our harp students who had similarly demanding lives.

The Harpers Escape offered a wonderful combination of learning, camraderie and support for harpers of all levels.